Monday, 13 June 2016

Drawing a Day - March

I really enjoyed this month. To keep up the momentum and to save time deciding what to draw each day I chose an animal theme for March. I went along the alphabet choosing an animal that started with each letter. There were a few days where I decided to step outside the theme (eg. I drew a picture of me and my brother as children to give to my mum on mother's day) but generally having the theme there made it much easier for me to  keep going.

This month I noticed I made less corrections while drawing. So the daily practice was really starting to pay off with my skills improving.

I also got more of an idea of my preferred materials working almost exclusively with watercolour paint and black pen liner towards the end.

I think it would be fun to put together a poster with all of the animals laid out in alphabetical order. Could make a nice print for a children's room perhaps. I'd like to go back and re-do some of these animals so they are consistent in style and make the poster idea happen.

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