Saturday, 3 January 2015

Hello New Year

Here we go again.

I seem to blog only when feeling most reflective, which seems to be mainly at the beginning of each year..

All in all 2014 was a good one. This year I;

  • Began working freelance and made great contacts in the Aberdeen art scene.
  • Met some fantastic new friends.
  • Set up a Book Club.
  • Took a part-time jewellery design course.
  • Ran Race For Life 10k in June, The Fare Challenge Bibby Offshore 5k in August, River Ness 10k in September and Wildhearts Santa Run 5k in December.
  • Spent a relaxing week in Tenerife.
  • Passed my mother-trucking driving test!

I've been very pleased with the way 2014 played out and would be happy to see more of the same in 2015. However I do have two main goals.

Number 1 is to firm up my career plans. 2014 was quite exploratory in terms of career and although it has been awesome by the end of this year I'd like to have a more defined path.

Number 2 is more running! This year I plan on signing up more my first half marathon. Obviously this will take more determination and training than what I've done previously and that's exactly why I want to do it. Perhaps with a bit of luck I'll be ready for a marathon in 2016!

I'll finish off my sharing some photos from the past year.

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